Tuesday, November 22, 2011

21 weeks...

21 one week pregnant with twin girls is nothing like 21 weeks pregnant with 1 boy. I know people say all the time "every pregnancy is diffrent" but I never imagined this diffrent. I have the start of carpul tunnel, I cant sleep, and my feet are starting to swell. My body Honestly looks like Im ready to pop with one baby. it really scares me to try and think what I will look like when im 30 or 35 weeks pregnant!but Im so blessed to have this experiance that not so many people get!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh how life can change in a instant!

So here I am reading my last blog and OH my I was so wrong. As most of you know shortly after I wrote that blog Me and Michael did concieve a child...well Make that 2 child. yes ladies and gentalmen I am pregnant with twins. And Now I can tell you I am so thrilled to be hav ing twins but when I found out I did cry lol. Its scary to Imagine all the things that you need for 2 children. it can be kinds of intimadating if you think about it ALL the time. I have come to just trying to Enjoy this pregnancy even though it is much harder then the last one. I am sick and tired ALOT more. But hopefully that will get better. we are due in march! I pray the lord every night that one of these wonderful babies are a girl oh PLEASEEEE be a girl.

Isaac is now in a developmental preschool. He loves it and I love it cause its 3 hours that I get to do all the things I need to. The teacher is very nice and I feel like he is learning things already. Although I must say that it was hard the first couple days and I do still miss him during those couple hours. he is my Little man and I want to spend all the time with him I can. well that all for now i will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

update or down date??

So its been about 4 months sense my last update on here. I want to say everything is perfect but I can not. so I'm gonna go down the line and let you know how everything has played out sense march. I hope you are ready for it.

First of I have a job now. I work at Cinebistro In the peninsula town center. For all who don't know this is a movie theater/bar/pool Hall/restaurant/bowling ally. I know its alot of slashes. But this job has actually be my second favorite job (my first being Hastings). I get to see free movies all the time and I meet 2 new friends and now there like my best friends. So I am definitely happy in the work department.

Next we have the "baby making" department. Me and Michael have been trying sense April of this year. Sense My period in April I have not had a period. I know most of you would think this is a fantastic thing cause it means I'm pregnant right?? well after 10 test at different times they have all said no. I still need to go to the doctor and get a blood test but if that is also negative then I am going to be a sad. That means that I have no ovulated in almost 3 months and that is bad for trying to make a baby. I want in my heart to be pregnant again but I feel like its not gonna happen any time soon.

Next on the list is My dearest son Isaac. As you have know from my last post was that Isaac has not spoken well sense then nothing has changed. He still does not talk but I do know why. My son Is developmental delayed in all areas of development beside gross motor skill. hes ranging at a 12 month old child. Which is not good. we have him in a program called EPIC which brings people into the home to help him with everything that he does. He has a speech therapist that comes every other week and then a Occupational therapist that comes every week. On top of that we are trying to get him into a preschool that for kids like him and he has been going Thur evaluation s for that as well. It is all very hard to deal with by myself because Michael works alot. But we have been making progress he still does not talk. I Stress about this every night knowing that if I don't give him enough attention and work with him enough that he might be delayed even more. that is so much to put on my shoulders but has made me so much stronger.

the last and best thing that has happened to me this year so far is that I finally got married to Michael !!! I am so happy that we are together. he is the best man I have ever met. And whats even better then this is that I am no longer married to the horrible man. I am free of him which makes my life better. thank you lord for everything you have given me and I pray that you continue to look after this family!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I suck.

So I am looking at all the post I have already wrte and not one thing I have done that I said I was going to do. No school, no big weight loss, no house no nothing. Instead I have lost like 5 pounds, we are moving into another apartment, and I dont have any plans to go to school cause of work and everything. The only thing I can say we are going to be doing is trying to have another baby in june. But what does that say for what I really wanted to do with my life. I wonder if I will ever be able to do something productive with my life.will I ever be proud of anything else beside being a mom. don't get me wrong that will always be the most thing I am proud of but I mean i want to say I finished high school, I went to college, I lost all the baby weight. will it ever happen?*sighs* well on a better not Isaac is a year and a half now. He is walking all the time but is still not talking. OH but he is sooo smart you can just see when he is thinking about doing something. He is always trying to do new things and learn how to do thing. He is brillants just like his daddy lol. He has his 18 month well check up appintment this wensday! I get so excited for the appointments to see how much he is growing and everything. He really is everything I will ever need. well I am off to bed. I am quite tired...crap never mind gotta stay up till 12 to pick up michael..what bull lol

Monday, February 7, 2011

I need some moto...motovation

I am not gonna lie I need some kind of kick start to get me want to diet again. I was doing good for a while and then I just kinda leaped off the diet cliff into a nice ply of reeses sticks. I really know I can do it. I know the reason why I want to but all that just doesnt seem to get me going...so what will? Maybe I should get a personal trainer. The last time I had one (very cute) I worked my butt off and looked really really good. I just wish they were not so damn expensive you know lol. But Michael did get me something to try to help. I swear that man really wants me to be skinny lol. He got me Just dance to which I have to tell you is way cooler then the first one. I think the dance moves are alot harder. I guess I will try a little harder.

One another note My child is offically walking. not just steping but walking ALL the time. I am so proud and I know that everyone says its over and im gonna have to chase him but I am excited for that. I was really worried that something was wrong with him because he was not walking nor is he talking. And as a mother Im sure everyone goes threw a point where they freak out about one thing or another. But hes finally walking and he even got his first owie on his chin from falling face forward while walking. He took it like a champ and I was soo proud lol. I think I just need that little spark from him walking to not freak out from every little think he is not doing. I dont want to spend my life wondering if he is keeping up with other little ones.

One other little thing that I am sooo happy to share is my sista sucka pants its PREGO!!! I am so freaking happy for her. I think that I wanted her to be pregnant more than she did lol. She is such and amazing momma that I knew she was ment to bring another little one in the world. I wish that I could be there with her because I failed to do some when she was pregnant with sara thanks to stupid ex bastard lol. But I will be there for the birth this time and to host her babyshower along with Isaac's 2nd birthday. I love it. congrats King family you deserve it. xoxo

Saturday, January 8, 2011

new year..new me

Its hard to say new me cause in a way I want the outside of me to be new but I want to keep the person inside the old me. Does that make sense? Well once again I have not wrote here for a long time and therefore you have missed alot in the life of Angelina. My son for Instance has turned one and is now taking quite a few steps. Although he has not learned to talk he is slowly mastering the walking step by step. I worry sometimes that he is not picking up stuff fast enough and there for something is wrong. But I have been reassured from many people that ALL babies learn at there own time. ......OMG its quite.... sorry for the interuption but I have a special annoucement. Tonight I have decided to take away the "paci" for good My child has been crying for a little over an hour and he has finally fell silent. SUCESS!!!I guess one thing really does come right after the other.

So its a new year..2011... This year I have set to major resolutions for me. ! I plan on losing 50 pounds by may. That will be 10 pounds a months. I dont plan on doing this with a diet pill or any crazy diets. I am just going to make sure I eat good portions that are healthy and work out starting at 30 minutes every day to and hour a day. and so on a so forth. I hope..no I know that I can do this. Annd I am not doing this for anyone one else but me. I am tired of being out of breath when I play with my son. simple as that. the 2nd goal is to Stick to the budget that we made for ourselves to save for a house,wedding and for Isaac. This is probably going to be mroe hard then losing weight. Me and michael like spending money thats it. there is no nice way to put it. So in order to do this we both (me expecially) need to find some self control in the shopping department.

This year I plan on updating everyone with both resolutions and with the growth of my son. I hope that I do not bore you all and maybe just maybe I can inspire someone with there life to better it. lets be thankfull for a new year.