Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh how life can change in a instant!

So here I am reading my last blog and OH my I was so wrong. As most of you know shortly after I wrote that blog Me and Michael did concieve a child...well Make that 2 child. yes ladies and gentalmen I am pregnant with twins. And Now I can tell you I am so thrilled to be hav ing twins but when I found out I did cry lol. Its scary to Imagine all the things that you need for 2 children. it can be kinds of intimadating if you think about it ALL the time. I have come to just trying to Enjoy this pregnancy even though it is much harder then the last one. I am sick and tired ALOT more. But hopefully that will get better. we are due in march! I pray the lord every night that one of these wonderful babies are a girl oh PLEASEEEE be a girl.

Isaac is now in a developmental preschool. He loves it and I love it cause its 3 hours that I get to do all the things I need to. The teacher is very nice and I feel like he is learning things already. Although I must say that it was hard the first couple days and I do still miss him during those couple hours. he is my Little man and I want to spend all the time with him I can. well that all for now i will keep you all posted.

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