Monday, February 7, 2011

I need some moto...motovation

I am not gonna lie I need some kind of kick start to get me want to diet again. I was doing good for a while and then I just kinda leaped off the diet cliff into a nice ply of reeses sticks. I really know I can do it. I know the reason why I want to but all that just doesnt seem to get me what will? Maybe I should get a personal trainer. The last time I had one (very cute) I worked my butt off and looked really really good. I just wish they were not so damn expensive you know lol. But Michael did get me something to try to help. I swear that man really wants me to be skinny lol. He got me Just dance to which I have to tell you is way cooler then the first one. I think the dance moves are alot harder. I guess I will try a little harder.

One another note My child is offically walking. not just steping but walking ALL the time. I am so proud and I know that everyone says its over and im gonna have to chase him but I am excited for that. I was really worried that something was wrong with him because he was not walking nor is he talking. And as a mother Im sure everyone goes threw a point where they freak out about one thing or another. But hes finally walking and he even got his first owie on his chin from falling face forward while walking. He took it like a champ and I was soo proud lol. I think I just need that little spark from him walking to not freak out from every little think he is not doing. I dont want to spend my life wondering if he is keeping up with other little ones.

One other little thing that I am sooo happy to share is my sista sucka pants its PREGO!!! I am so freaking happy for her. I think that I wanted her to be pregnant more than she did lol. She is such and amazing momma that I knew she was ment to bring another little one in the world. I wish that I could be there with her because I failed to do some when she was pregnant with sara thanks to stupid ex bastard lol. But I will be there for the birth this time and to host her babyshower along with Isaac's 2nd birthday. I love it. congrats King family you deserve it. xoxo

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