Saturday, January 8, 2011

new me

Its hard to say new me cause in a way I want the outside of me to be new but I want to keep the person inside the old me. Does that make sense? Well once again I have not wrote here for a long time and therefore you have missed alot in the life of Angelina. My son for Instance has turned one and is now taking quite a few steps. Although he has not learned to talk he is slowly mastering the walking step by step. I worry sometimes that he is not picking up stuff fast enough and there for something is wrong. But I have been reassured from many people that ALL babies learn at there own time. ......OMG its quite.... sorry for the interuption but I have a special annoucement. Tonight I have decided to take away the "paci" for good My child has been crying for a little over an hour and he has finally fell silent. SUCESS!!!I guess one thing really does come right after the other.

So its a new year..2011... This year I have set to major resolutions for me. ! I plan on losing 50 pounds by may. That will be 10 pounds a months. I dont plan on doing this with a diet pill or any crazy diets. I am just going to make sure I eat good portions that are healthy and work out starting at 30 minutes every day to and hour a day. and so on a so forth. I I know that I can do this. Annd I am not doing this for anyone one else but me. I am tired of being out of breath when I play with my son. simple as that. the 2nd goal is to Stick to the budget that we made for ourselves to save for a house,wedding and for Isaac. This is probably going to be mroe hard then losing weight. Me and michael like spending money thats it. there is no nice way to put it. So in order to do this we both (me expecially) need to find some self control in the shopping department.

This year I plan on updating everyone with both resolutions and with the growth of my son. I hope that I do not bore you all and maybe just maybe I can inspire someone with there life to better it. lets be thankfull for a new year.

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