Thursday, June 28, 2012

who knew that life could be such a blessing! I was really scared when my mother left to go back home. I didn't know if I could do it on my own. I was worried I would lose my mind but when that day came and I was all by myself I just took a breath got out of bed and went head first into my new life. And I was a rockstar! =)It came so easy and I didn't even freak out once. They are not almost 4 months and I am still taking my role as SAHM in strides. I do still have days when I need to just sit in my bedroom and breath but I mean what mother doesnt! My life is so blessed! Isaac was dignosed offically with Autistic disorder. I guess I always knew but up until we went to the doctor a small part of me hoped he was just a little behind. So when I found out offically it was like it hit me all over again. My son is special. He is bright and loving and such an amazing little boy. somtimes you cant even notice that there is somthing off about him. I hope that in the future I can learn as well to talk this new part of my life in stride but for now I am completely overwhelmed with trying to get him all the help he needs. The girls are doing amazing they giggle and move around all the time. Gabriella got her first tooth already and she is so young. I am very blessed to have children that teeth so well lol.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Updating my life

I now have 2 beautiful little girls named Isabella and Gabriella. These past 2 months have been such a roller coaster! I had my mother out here for the first month it was such a blessing. She helped me get organized in my house and helped me with everything. I really wish I would have had my sister out here as well I miss her so much and it hurts my heart to know that She will not to see my girls till they are almost 9 months and I hate that. I want to be near her all the time. anyways After my mother left I was so terrifed I was not going to be able to do it. I worried I would break but I really just took it in stride. I got back in my grove and I have been so blessed. The girls sleep and eat wonderfully and they are so cute each with the own personality. My biggest challenge is trying to find the time to spen with Isaac. He loves the girls but is taking his jealousness out on me and he's father. It hurts sometimes cause I know that he is really just trying to tell me he wants me all to himself and the girls take up all of my time. I hope that once they become less dependent on me that I can find more time to spend with him. i love him so Much.