Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sister is down

My sister is down Here with me in virginia and I freaking love it. She has been such a help with isaac and she help clena and everything. it helps alot with having to heal from my c section. And it has been helping me relax. Its a little hard with my niece because there is no room for her to play. I feel bad to. But hopefully the sun will come out and she can go play outside. we also plan to take pictures of them in the hollween costumes. I am sooo excited. Isaac loves his aunt and i am glad that someone got to meet him when he was so little. I am truly blessed

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vaginal or c section

over the past couple our days..maybe even a week i have been thinking about what i want to do for my next childs birth. mind you I won't be having another kid for a while, but I watch a baby story and stuff and after having a c section already i was thinking i want to have my next vaginal. I know the risk an everything but i want to be able to feel that excitement and love of pushing soemthing out of me. I also want Michael to feel like he is part of sence last time he had to sit outside and wait. But i also remember that i was in labor for 12 hours and how much (when the epidural wasnt working) pain i was in. I dont know if i could actually do it. I know i have a while to think about it but i feel like i am missing out and wanted top share my thought okay.. thanks

Monday, October 12, 2009


So my child decided he did not want to have a good day at all. After many hours of trying to feed him change him burp him and rock him I just couldnt take it anymore so my fiance had to take him for a 30 min walk in his stroller to get him to sleep for a total of 10 mins before he had to wake up again for his next feeding :( Needless to say I had a minor breakdown but everything is ok now unfortunately my fiance has duty tomorrow but my sister will be here on wednesday YAY i get to see my neice again!!!

life as a navy fiance and mom

Man I never thought that i would have to do so much with being a mom. I thought alright Michael will help me out most of the time and ill just have to get use to the schedual. but as most military women know thats not how it all works. My fiance is a nuclear engineer and works gruling hour including ever other day having to stay 24 hours. so some day i wont see him for 36 hours. I sometimes feel like a single parent when my son wont sleep and I have no help. I find myself getting very overwhelmed. But then i just look at my son an relize hes not so happy with daddy being gone all the time either. and it makes me feel a little better and calmer. and when Michael is home he is so helpful that i can't complain to much. I love my life no matter how crazy or lonley it may be sometimes i wouldnt trade it for the world.


So I am new to this and cant wait to get started. I love movies, music, reading and scrapbooking. But most of all I love my family my newborn son Isaac and my fiance Michael. I cant wait to write more about them and myself in future blogs!!!