Saturday, March 19, 2011

I suck.

So I am looking at all the post I have already wrte and not one thing I have done that I said I was going to do. No school, no big weight loss, no house no nothing. Instead I have lost like 5 pounds, we are moving into another apartment, and I dont have any plans to go to school cause of work and everything. The only thing I can say we are going to be doing is trying to have another baby in june. But what does that say for what I really wanted to do with my life. I wonder if I will ever be able to do something productive with my life.will I ever be proud of anything else beside being a mom. don't get me wrong that will always be the most thing I am proud of but I mean i want to say I finished high school, I went to college, I lost all the baby weight. will it ever happen?*sighs* well on a better not Isaac is a year and a half now. He is walking all the time but is still not talking. OH but he is sooo smart you can just see when he is thinking about doing something. He is always trying to do new things and learn how to do thing. He is brillants just like his daddy lol. He has his 18 month well check up appintment this wensday! I get so excited for the appointments to see how much he is growing and everything. He really is everything I will ever need. well I am off to bed. I am quite tired...crap never mind gotta stay up till 12 to pick up michael..what bull lol

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