Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

its the time of the year. the time when you clean out your house get rid of all the non useful crap you have collected and spray,wash,bleach, vacuum everything from top to bottom. normally I wouldn't do this I have never set one day aside to just clean like that but I am realized Isaac has ants in his room which means he is probably getting bit by them and i cant have that. Its funny how when you notice ants you also notice all the crap on your floor. But that's what happens when you have 3 kids. like I said normally I am not the spring clean person but i am actually excited about the clean. I would like to have clean carpets and a spotless kitchen to work in. such boring stuff for a 24 year old. I should be out partying or going to school or being in the military instead I am being a stay at home mom. Now that wasn't always my dream. I remember the first time i actually wanted to do something it was being a teacher. My first teacher I grew fond of was Mr.Fell. He reminded me of Steve from blues clues lol. He was the first male teacher I had but he was so happy all the time he was funny and nice. He was also the one who got me into sign language. he taught me the ABC's after I graduated his class I would go back and teach his class from time to time. the next teach I had the would be one of the most beneficial person in my life was Mr. Gilpin. He was my 7th grade history teach and an amazing one at that. He made learn to interesting and was so active with the class I remember ever Friday after class he would say "no alcohol no drugs but rock and rolls ok." I use to grade his papers for him and on occasionally he would let me teach his class and this was a little hard then Mr. Fell I had to watch him teach it first,memorize the lesson and then grade the papers. I set the bar pretty high for teachers pet. I know alot of kids wanted to do that after i started doing it. But what made him stand out for me was he wasn't just my teacher he was my friend. I became his babysitter and When I needed help from another student or a terrible teacher that hated me he was always there to help. i was so sad when he moved away from Arizona. After him there was Mrs.Downing,mrs.bryce (aka MOM) and many other who I became close to. I changed my thoughts of being a teacher when I joined the JRROTC. I would always want to teach but I also wanted to serve my country I loved having to have make sure I was always good mannered that i have a clean uniform and the clubs I was in the precision and the feeling of being part of something more. That was actually thee most fun I had in high school when I went. I met 2 of the men that I loved threw that club.One that i married and then that's when i decided that i would be a housewife first and one day finish school and go to college. that was 6 years ago. and I know once all the kiddos go to school I will finish what I started and I will become a teacher. and make the teachers who believed in me proud.

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