Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wedding plans and weight loss..sound fun?

I went to hallmark the other day and looked at annoucement and such while my child was cooed and awwed by the hallmark people. I swear my child gets stopped every where! but thats the price a pay for making a adorable baby. ANYWAYSSS As i was saying I was looking at announcements and trying to figure out what I like. I want something simple with a little splash. So i have come up with some idea and actually found 4 I like in the 5 HUGE books I looked through. I know i am picky lol. And sense Michael decided he did not care I am up to it all by myself. I also headed to davids bridal and finally saw the front of the dress I have been dying to see and of course I love it. But all this in a way makes me very sad. I hate that my family (expecially my sister) is not here to help with all the planning. It feels weird doing it all by myself. But I do have some great help from my friends down here as well as my besty amber From cali =] I just wish Everyone lived closer to me.

In other news I need to start losing some serious weight so that I can look super hot for my wedding and trying on dress. Even though I want to lose weight (BAD) I am having a hard time getting motavated. I want to do it but the temptaions have been killing me. I think what I am going to try to do Is get a little note book and start writing down everything I eat to try and stay motavated. plus I am getting this little exercise machine from my babysitter. I think that will help to. I hope that once I get in a routine that I can focus and actually start losing weight. I am looking to lose around 40 pounds. Its not that hard right???!!!

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