Saturday, July 24, 2010


About 3 days ago I am taking my break and Matt(one of the managers) tells me the top dog wants to talk to me on the phone. So i go in there and she starts telling me how great my personality and moral is and how the owners just loves me. And then proceeds to tell me I have been promoted to Hospitality manager and that I will be getting a 50 cent raise and a set schedual. I am feeling very good right now. I love that My happyness has gotten me somewhere but I am also sad that My happyness is rare that I got noticed so easly. When did people start being so mean to one another. or for that matter hating there job so much. I know that people say they work at McDonalds because its a job but I mean for 6 years??!!! then why dont you find something you love doing rather then something you hate and it reflects on other people. the job is not that hard. It fun,fast,and easy. It makes me sad that customer service has gone down so much latley.

In Isaac news. He is doing so good with eating real foods. He loves bananas and had mac and cheese the other day. He has 2 teeth coming in as well and has a mean bit. dont stick your hand in there lol. He also is pulling up on pretty much everything he can. I believe he will start cruising soon if not walking. He is growing up so fast. I miss the times when I could just hold him. Time went to fast.But thats life right??

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