Thursday, July 15, 2010

growing like a weed.

So Yesterday I feed Isaac his first little meal. I was very scared to get him started on real food because I am deathly afriad that he will choke. Even though I know CPR I am just terrified that I will freeze and be to scared to save him. But to my surprise( well I knew what would happen) he ate it like a perfect champ! He loved it and was so patient with it. I think he no longer needs baby food=[ I am so proud of him but I am also so sad that he is growing up. I wonder how this year could have gone so fast. I wanted him to stay "ity bitty" forever!!!!And to make it worse today he has been pulling himself up on everything. He is gonna start cruzing soon then walking. I cant wait but at the same time I cant imagine him doing it...He is still my little boy.

Second thing on my excitment list. We have picked a wedding date August 18th 2011. I cant wait! Yesterday we went and bought my little wedding book and started(and finished) our wedding budget. I really never knew how much goes into a wedding and I have already had one. But a cheap one LMAO. I am hoping to go down 3 sizes before My wedding day to be able to fit in my wedding dress. Well the one I want anyway...the only t hing that Is missing is that my sister wont be here. Its times Like these I wish I were home. But I know all I have to do is call her and Ill feel better.

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