Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vaginal or c section

over the past couple our days..maybe even a week i have been thinking about what i want to do for my next childs birth. mind you I won't be having another kid for a while, but I watch a baby story and stuff and after having a c section already i was thinking i want to have my next vaginal. I know the risk an everything but i want to be able to feel that excitement and love of pushing soemthing out of me. I also want Michael to feel like he is part of sence last time he had to sit outside and wait. But i also remember that i was in labor for 12 hours and how much (when the epidural wasnt working) pain i was in. I dont know if i could actually do it. I know i have a while to think about it but i feel like i am missing out and wanted top share my thought okay.. thanks

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